Introducing the PrimeTime Performers

The PrimeTime band features some of Fort Wayne's finest talent including the onstage musicians as well as additional behind-the-scenes musicians and engineers who created this one-of-a-kind performance system. All of the band members sing: VOCALS are very much an integral part of PrimeTime's sound.

In between the band's sets we will play MP3 song files to ensure continuous entertainment throughout the event. If there is a song you want to hear that is NOT on the songlist, we can spin it for you during one of the band's breaks. It enables us to honor a much greater variety of song requests from your guests. There is no additional charge for this service.

Karin Martin

Karin Martin has an infectious, "sassy attitude" that will knock your socks off along with her great Vocals and Tambourine work. Listen to Karin sing her version of Jim Brickman's "Valentine". Karin's amazing new CD "It's About Time" is now out and she has copies with her every time we play. Please ask her for your own copy. In a recent contest she placed in the top ten winners - across the WHOLE country. Congratulations Karin, you Rock!

Chuck Surack

Chuck Surack is the bandleader and founder of PrimeTime. He plays Tenor, Alto, and Bari Saxophones, Flute, Keyboards, and once in a while he'll even sing some Ike Turner or Neil Diamond for you! Listen to Chuck's performance of "Misty" from his CD release, "Playing Through The Changes".

Brett Kelsey

Brett Kelsey will slay you with his awesome Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Valve Trombone, and Keyboard playing skills; and his vocals are guaranteed to bring down the house. The night isn't officially over until Brett has performed at least one or two of his Louie Armstrong impersonations!

The ProRig System

Designed by musicians and engineers at Fort Wayne's own Sweetwater Sound, this one-of-a-kind custom-built music making system uses Apple's most powerful laptop to synchronize the recorded contributions of countless musicians along with PrimeTime's live musicians. The end result is the sound and musicality of a twenty-piece band that fits on any size stage that can be performed for any size and type of audience.

Each of PrimeTime's 500 songs(!) has a custom-designed light and video show that enhances the desired mood. It is truly the "live entertainment system of the 21st Century!".